The International Conference on Human Rights


The review outcome document from the ICPD +20 Human Rights Review held in the Netherlands
and sponsored by UNFPA, OHCHR and the Netherlands


This human rights review of ICPD was the most controversial review of all of the ICPD +20 reviews. Because the Netherlands and UN agencies could not get their agenda openly adopted in UN negotiations where all Member States were present, they held a tightly controlled conference in the protected space of the Netherlands where they could assure an outcome that would promote their radical sexual rights agenda. There were so many controversial provisions that we have summarized the number of references to some of the controversial terms as follows:


5 references to “transgender”

8 references to “sexual orientation and gender identity”

65 references to “abortion”

52 references to “sexual and reproductive rights”

23 references to “reproductive rights”

18 references to “sexual and reproductive health and rights”

12 references to “sex work” or “workers”

14 references to “comprehensive sexuality education”




“Since the Programme of Action was adopted, states have also adopted a number of consensus documents and resolutions that reflect a growing political commitment to sexual rights. Treaty bodies have developed clear guidance to remove legal and other obstacles that prevent individuals from realizing human rights as these relate to sexuality.”


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